Windsor Castle crowned as one of the UK’s Top British Destinations

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle has been crowned the UK’s best heritage site for a day out. Beating popular attractions such as Blenheim Palace, Buckingham Palace and Kew Gardens. 

The recent survey conducted by Prestone scored some of the best cultural and heritage attractions around the country that you can visit by car. Factoring in customer star ratings, Google search volume, average temperatures and rainfall in the region.

Top 10 UK days out

  1. Windsor Castle
  2. Blenheim Palace
  3. Tower of London
  4. Buckingham Palace
  5. Hever Castle
  6. Warwick Castle
  7. Leeds Castle
  8. Stonehenge
  9. Hampton Court
  10. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Blenheim Palace

The attractions in the top 10 list ranked highly for their overall rating and low average rainfall, with attractions in southeast England out-performing those in other parts of the country – mainly thanks to their reliable summer weather.

No attractions in northern England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland made the top 10, despite such destinations been renowned for their rich history and culture. That’s all down to the weather, with higher average rainfall and lower average temperatures affecting scoring.

A popular attraction for tourists, Windsor Castle is one of the Queen’s royal residences that are open to the public. Open for most of the year (except when the Queen is residing there), the castle has plenty to explore including State Apartments and Grand Reception room, as well as guided precinct tours, and exhibitions offering a glimpse into over 1,000 years of British royal history.

Adult tickets start at £23.50, with tickets starting at £21.50 for groups of 15 or more, you can find more details on the Windsor Castle website.

If you’re looking for something closer to home, Prestone breaks down their list of every UK cultural and heritage attractions by region, you can view the full report here

Ashleigh Ridler