Vox City Walks launches London!

Vox City Walks is a unique, flexible and personal sightseeing adventure that offers you a way to explore a city like never before. Already operating in Rome, Florence and Venice, the company have announced new London tours.

From 28th May, Vox City Walks (VCW) will begin operating tours in London. The launch coincides with the Let’s Do London campaign, which plans to help bring the city back to life.

VCW has introduced a collection of walking tours, using the concept of “Hop On, Hop Off” that’s been successfully run by bus tours for decades. The difference is, this is all on foot, so better for the environment, and mental and physical wellbeing. Walks also indicate step count and calories burned.

The service operates on a circuit of routes and is guided by local experts who bring the city to life with compelling storytelling. There are three different guided walks in London: 

  • London Landmarks
  • West End & Royalty
  • London By Night

There are also seven self-guided tours included in the price (that work offline): 

  • Parks & Palaces
  • Tower & Thames
  • Jack The Ripper
  • The Notting Hill Walk
  • The Bloomsbury Walk
  • The Kensington Walk
  • The City Walk

You’re able to leave a guided walk at any point and use the unique audio and navigation functions within the app to self-guide, before locating their nearest local expert and re-joining when you like.

Pricing is based on either 24/48/72 hours’ access (£25/£29/£32 per adult and £9/£10/£11 per child). The tours are available in six languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German & Chinese.

Based on demand for its innovative concept and the success of roll-outs in Rome, Florence and Venice in September 2020, Vox City Walks expansion plans hope to offer over 60 different cities globally by the end of 2021.

Visit the Vox City Walks website for more information.

Ashleigh Ridler