Tom enjoys Lisbon’s culture

Belem Tower

GTO’s Projects and Information Assistant Tom Daldry visited Lisbon in February, seeking some early spring sunshine! He stayed in a magnificent hotel, Palacio das Especiarias, which was once the huge home of a Portuguese spice merchant. Located in Chiado, it’s a stone’s throw from the vintage Tram 28 route. Tom took this tram to Sao Jorge Castle – which, in its centuries’ long history, has served as a royal palace, military barracks and home of the National Archive. 

Tom was also delighted to see the wonderful views of the Tagus river from Belém Tower. Built during the height of the Portuguese Renaissance, it was designed as an embarkation and disembarkation point for Portuguese explorers. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

A particular Lisbon highlight for Tom was the Bernardo Collection Museum. It tells the story of the 20th-century’s different art movements with impressive examples. He was also pleased to visit the Gulbenkian, which is replete with extraordinary sculptures. 

Fiona Horan 31/3/20