The Top 40 Post-Lockdown Dream Destinations

A new study from tour operator Club Med has unveiled the top 40 destinations and experiences that Britons have been dreaming about over lockdown.

The study asked 2,000 British travel-lovers what they’ve been dreaming about doing and where they’re itching to travel to as soon as it’s possible to do so. Topping the list is a stay in a water bungalow in the Maldives, with 39% of people saying this is their top post-lockdown holiday experience.

The destinations that take a spot in the top five include seeing the Northern Lights (37%), admiring the pink rocks of the Seychelles (28%), enjoying a Greek salad overlooking the sea in Santorini and taking in the Great Pyramids of Egypt (taking a joint spot with 27%).


Other experiences that rank high on the list include seeing the Grand Canyon in America and Niagara Falls in Canada (joint 5 with 26%). Swimming in the blue waters of Amalfi in Italy (number 7 with 23%) and experiencing the cherry blossoms in Kyoto, Japan (number 9 with 21%).

You can see the full detailed list at the bottom of this post.

The study revealed that nearly two in five Britons say that the idea of travel is one of the main sources of hope that is keeping them going during the pandemic. With around 16% of Britons saying they are planning the ultimate luxury trip of their dreams when it’s safe to do so – with 15% saying they are considering packing their bags for a big round the world trip.

Meanwhile, 36% of people say they will be looking for more adventure during their holidays instead of just focusing on relaxation, with almost a quarter of people (22%) saying they are planning to spend more on their next holiday.

Cherry blossoms in Japan

Estelle Giraudeau, managing director of Club Med UK and Northern Europe, said: 

“It’s hardly surprising that the travel ban has got the nation dreaming about all the exotic destinations and experiences they’d like to enjoy post-pandemic.

“Our research shows we’re open to plenty of excitement and adventure, whether that’s staying in a water bungalow in the Maldives, walking along the Great Wall of China or drinking rum at a beach bar in the Dominican Republic.

“After a year like no other, we understand that people want that element of both zen and adventure and that’s why we have created the Zenventure holiday.”

Zenventure – A New Way To Travel.

The study was conducted to promote Club Med’s new ZENVENTURE holiday. The Zenventure is a luxurious holiday concept that embodies the combination of adventure and relaxation, mindfulness, culinary enjoyment, design and luxury.

The Perfect Balance of Zen and Adventure

Zenventure is an evolution of a growing trend to offer guests the freedom of choice, combining Zen and Adventure activities to create a holiday fit for everyone. From a jungle hike through to adrenaline-fueled watersports, and meditation in a tree-top palapa through to family beach yoga. The Zenventure provides the perfect activities for those who want to reconnect their mind, body and soul in stunning and natural open-air surroundings.

Must-Try zen activities in Zenventure resorts:

  • Mindful yoga hike
  • Vibhava Yoga
  • Zen Pool
  • Spa by Cinq Mondes®

Must-Try adventures in Zenventure resorts:

  • Archery
  • Sailing
  • Stand up Paddle
  • Snorkelling

The first Zenventure resort from Club Med is located on the private island of Sainte Anne, Seychelles. The island is also home to the Sainte Anne Marine National Park which offers guests endless possibilities of adventures and zen, as the whole family awakens their inner explorer.

Brits’ Top Post-Lockdown Dream Experiences.

1. Stay in a water bungalow in the Maldives – 39%

2. See the Northern Lights – 37%

3. Admire the pink rocks of the Seychelles – 28%

4= Enjoy a Greek salad overlooking the sea in Santorini – 27%

4= Take in the Great Pyramids of Egypt – 27%

5= Enjoy a helicopter ride and see the Grand Canyon, America – 26%

5= Hear the water flowing at Niagara Falls, Canada – 26%

6= Go snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia – 25%

6= Eat fresh pasta in Sicily – 25%

6= Drink a Mai Tai on the beach in Phuket, Thailand – 25%

7. Swim in the blue waters of Amalfi, Italy – 23%

8. Walk along the Great Wall of China – 22%

Great Wall of China

9= Swim with turtles in The Seychelles – 21%

9= Swim and float in the Dead Sea – 21%

9= See the cherry blossoms in Kyoto, Japan – 21%

10= Admire the Sistine Chapel in Rome, Italy – 20%

10= Go diving in the clear waters at Turks & Caicos – 20%

10= Swim with dolphins in Florida, America – 20%

10= Eat cheese and drink wine while overlooking the Eiffel Tower in Paris – 20%

11= Take a boat trip around Mauritius – 19%

11= Go on safari in South Africa 19% 

12= See the leaves change colour during autumn in New Hampshire – 18%

12= Enjoy a luxury shopping spree in Dubai – 18%

13= Visit the Taj Mahal – 17%

Taj Mahal

13= Take a gondola in Venice – 17%

14. Drink rum at a beach bar in the Dominican Republic – 16%

15= Eat seafood by the beach in Mallorca – 15%

15= Cycle through the streets of Amsterdam – 15%

15= Drive through Havana in a vintage car – 15%

15= Discover the ancient ruins of the city of Petra, Jordan – 15%

15= Enjoy the casinos of Las Vegas – 15%

15= Go hiking in Yosemite, California – 15%

16= Drink rose wine at a restaurant overlooking the lavender fields in France – 14%

16= Swim with pigs in the water at Big Major Cay, Bahamas – 14%

16= Go trekking in Tibet – 14%

16= Visit Bilbo Baggins’ house where Lord of the Rings was filmed, New Zealand – 14%

16= Eat an acai bowl on the beach in Brazil – 14%

16= Eat authentic sushi in Tokyo, Japan – 14%

17. Go shopping in the souks, Morocco – 13%

18. Do yoga on the beach in Goa – 12%

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Ashleigh Ridler