Summer Nights on the Sunset Steam Express

Streaming into the sunset on a hot summer’s night on board one of the first steam trains out of Waterloo in 50 years. Sounds good? Head for the Hills and see the Surrey sunset.

Theres’s nothing like train travel to bring out the romantic in all of us. Not crushed up in the corridor of the 08.05am from Dartford to London Bridge, of course. But a good seat with great views and a group of gorgeous friends is a very different prospect.

This trip, harking back to the 1930s, takes you on a circular route heading through the suburbs of London, past Guildford, climbing steeply through the Surrey Hills, then soaring down through through the Vale of Holmesdale, at the foot of the North Downs. Even on a grey evening it’ll be special, but if you’re lucky enough to get a perfect sunset it will be absolutely fabulous!

You can all eat dinner on board in an authentic Pullman dining car which I’m sure will be delicious or, and this would be brilliant, you could take an onboard picnic.

Not ham sandwiches in cling film and a few packets of Quavers, no! Splash out between you on a hamper filled with something special like smoked salmon, smoked hams, delicious cheese, some fruit and a couple of bottles of wine Go gourmet through the setting sun. If everyone chips in a tenner it won’t be expensive, but it’ll feel like it’s luxury. Sharing special  treats is one of the advantages of group trips, something that you probably wouldn’t do on a family outing.

Plenty of time to plan ahead for this – Sunset Steam Express trips run from 2 June to 8 September 2020. And if you’d like some hamper tips, just get in touch!

*** Postponed until 4th August ***

Peter Stonham