Hallowe’en at Talliston House & Gardens. Dare you visit?

Talliston House & Gardens was one of the incredible attractions that took home one of the big awards during the 2020 Group Travel Awards, the Editors Award for Little Treasures of Britain. 

The 20202 Group Travel Awards aired during Celebrate Group Travel Day on 3rd September, the full broadcast can be viewed on the GTO website.

Using traditional techniques and authentic items sourced from around the globe, the team at Talliston have created something from nothing, or perhaps more accurately, something incredible from nothing special. It is Talliston’s outward normality that is its magic; it is truly somewhere extraordinary within the ordinary.

By walking from room to room, you find yourself leaving the present, and entering the past (and even at one point entering the future). So you can step from a Moorish bedchamber into a 1920s study, from a New Orleans kitchen into a Victorian tower – all just by opening the house’s many doors and seeing what lies behind them. Visit the Talliston website for more information of what you can find within the house.

As well as exploring the houses fascinating history, you can take part in several unmissable events coming up. From Monday 19th October to Sunday 1st November, Talliston House & Gardens are holding spooktacular experiences for those who are feeling brave enough. For this limited period only, you can experience Hallowe’en at the house & gardens.  

The Haunted Bedroom Experience – Available to book now!

Your invitation to stay at Talliston House & Gardens on a night like no other…if you’re brave enough! Discover the labyrinth of rooms by candlelight, ending with an overnight stay in the most terrifying of them all. The Haunted Bedroom Experience includes; Luxury bed & breakfast, full access to the house & gardens, a candlelight tour of the rooms and spooky snacks.

This experience is to stay in The Haunted Bedroom, however, extra guests can book The Cabin and The Room of Dreams.

This event is on for a limited time, so make sure you book your tickets now to avoid disappointment. 

Hallowe’en Private Tours

For two weeks Talliston will show its dark side with these spooky afternoon and evening private tours for 2-6.

Talliston’s Hallowe’en fortnight afternoon and evening private tours will poke into Talliston’s more shadowy corners. Starting with a personal exploration of the house and gardens, wandering the labyrinth of rooms, to the sounds of thunder and by candlelight, you and your guests will finish by fleeing to the Victorian watchtower for sweet and savoury food and drink.

These Hallowe’en Private Tours are available to book from Friday 25th September! Visit the Talliston website to book your tickets. 

If you have any questions about any of the tours or events, you can email info@talliston.com.

Ashleigh Ridler 


Photo Credit Gavin Conlan