Group Travel in a Post-Pandemic World

We are back! It has been a long few months but the Great Group Trips team are ready to start helping you plan your future group trips.
Things have drastically changed in the travel and tourism industry, with everyone having to adapt to the new Government guidelines. Although things have changed, it’s not impossible to start travelling with your group once again.
Attractions and destinations have spent the past few months making it as safe as possible for you to start visiting again, implementing various safety precautions and social distancing measures. As well as covering all the fantastic attractions and destinations that have started reopening, we will also be telling you how you can best travel in a post-pandemic world.

Introducing, Bubble Travel.

So what exactly is bubble travel? In basic terms, Bubble Travel is exactly what it says on the tin, travelling within your bubble.

In line with recent guidelines, you can meet indoors in groups of up to two households (including support bubble). You can also meet in groups of up to six people who you do not live with or who are not in your support bubble (you should only meet in groups of more than six people if everyone is a member of the same household or support bubble). From August 1st a lot more attractions and venues are allowed to re-open, allowing more people to congregate in one area as long as they adhere to social distancing and wear face coverings where appropriate. This means more opportunities for you and your bubble to start travelling again! (Click here to read the current Government guidelines about group meetups.)

What can I do in my bubble?

Car hire and Classic Travelling.

A lot of group travellers have been choosing to hire multiple cars within their bubbles, instead of travelling by coach. Coaches are still available to book for your group trip, with implemented safety measures including staggered seating, air filtration systems and multiple sanitizing stations. So when booking your group trip, have a look into each bubble travelling in their own car.

Classic Travelling is offering independent tours across the UK, with various dates and prices, this is the perfect way to enjoy a driving holiday or vacation, but without the time, hassle and guesswork of planning it yourself.

  • Find lovely roads and drive every mile to ensure scenic routes for you to enjoy
  • Handpick delightful and charming hotels for your comfort and visit each to ensure the parking and facilities are suitable
  • Collate information on everything there is to do, see and visit each day
  • Create the route maps

Click here for more details.

Featured Tour – Isle of Wight Driving Tour with Classic Travelling.

15 October 2020 – 18 October 2020.

3 Nights/4 Days with prices starting at £745 per person. Click here for more information.

Cottages, Villas and Hostels.

One of the safest accommodation options for the future is multiple bed villas, cottages and hostel rooms for you and your group. With prices ranging from budget accommodation to high-end properties.

For a low-cost option, Generator has re-opened their website to start helping groups book their hostel and provide information about unique entertainment available, with dorm beds starting at £15.84 per night in London. 

For a more unique option, Medley Court on the grounds at Hever Castle is offering limited summer 2020 availability in their 4 bed (sleeps 8) cottage. More information can be found hereWhilst staying in this superb property, guests have the opportunity to visit the historic castle throughout their stay. Bookings are available on a week by week stay however short stays are available on a short lead basis.

Some more inspiration.

We’re very excited to announce Celebrate Group Travel Day on September 3rd! 

Landor Travel Publications, publishers of Group Travel Organiser magazine, is excited to have signed up a major television production company to help create and present the content of a new pop-up TV experience focusing specifically on group travel. It will be of broadcast TV quality, free-to-view and will run over 5 hours from a studio in London with celebrity hosts including Patrick Kielty.

There will feature a new afternoon group travel opportunities showcase, with special content from the nation’s group travel organisers and specialist suppliers, attractions and destinations. Followed by an early evening presentation and celebration of the 2020 UK Group Travel Awards. The programme will run in a modular form, so people can tune in to attend individual elements or the whole event. Click here for more information.

Ashleigh Ridler