Great ideas for Great Group Trips

Are you new to the idea of travelling in a group? Are you struggling to decide on your destination? Then we can definitely help out by pointing you at the three best travel shows of 2020. These shows are informal get-togethers of group travel fans and representatives from a range of attractions, destinations, tour operators and more travel expert boffins than you would ever want to shake a stick at*.

All of them will be very keen to tell you about their attraction or their destination or how you can get there, wherever there is, and you’ll come away with a great big travel bag of ideas about where to go and what to do. It’s somewhere to chat and have a good time – not formal at all, so don’t dress up.

Even if you’re just starting to think about taking a day trip, or a long weekend or a real holiday length stay, come and talk to our group gurus – they’re all know-alls, of course,, but they’re not in the least big-headed about it. You’ll find out about exactly the right place for you and your group and also discover that group travel doesn’t just mean charabanc visits to the seaside. That was 80 years ago! Get over it!

If you’re based in Bristol or Manchester there’s a show coming up in the city centre very soon, make sure you register and come along. It’s free! The South West Group Travel Show is at We The Curious in Bristol city centre on Thursday 30th January 2020. And runs from 10.00am until 2.00pm , The Northern Travel and Tourism Show is at The Monastery in Manchester, on 25 February from 10.00am until 3.00pm. This amazing venue runs a huge amount of free cultural events for Manchester residents all year round and we’re lucky to be visiting.

Are you based in London or the south east? The Go Travel Show will be galloping in to Kempton Park Racecourse on 22 April from 10.30am until 4.00pm.  There are events and activities all day with appearances from Elizabethan dress experts from Shakespeare’s Globe and a Stately Home Escape Room topping the bill. And it’s all free! So some along and find out what you already secretly knew – group travel is for everybody whether it’s a weekend of wildness or a work awayday. We’ll help with the ideas and the organisation – you can do the fun bit. See you there!

*Why would you even WANT to shake a stick at them? They’re nice people. Put your stick down.