Get Outdoors with the Sherlock Inspired Detective Mission

Sherlock: The Game is Now, has announced an exclusive outdoor Detective Mission inspired by BBC Sherlock.

Sherlock needs your help – across the original Sherlock inspired outdoor detective mission across West London, hide a series of clues, conundrums and codes that need to be cracked. Gather together your most esteemed group of intrepid and intelligent friends to find key evidence and solve the mystery! 

The new experience is approximately 2 hours long and ideal for groups of two to six people, working together to gather key evidence, find clues, crack codes and solve the mystery. Teams will not be in contact with other players throughout their game so it’s ideal for social distancing.

Your team will be digitally assisted along your physical journey by real-world characters, animated video, voicemail and text messaging.

Can you step into the shoes of the legendary detective? Tickets start from £20 pp, visit the website to book a time slot today and start your deducting adventure.

Ashleigh Ridler