Camping at its wildest – Cliff Camping with Gaia Adventures

Pictured: James Stewart and Sam Farnsworth. Rhoscoyne Sea Cliff, Anglesey, North Wales, 17/3/2015

Are you looking for something adventurous, unique and out of the ordinary for your summer holiday?

Well, head on over to North Wales with Gaia Adventures and experience the thrill of cliff camping

From May to September, you can camp overnight on a portaledge, suspended above the sea, with stunning views over the Irish Sea.

Located in Anglesey, North Wales, this once in a lifetime experience is available to pairs who want to live life on the edge.

Relax and unplug while watching the sunset and the stars come out and settle in to a night of open skies, shooting stars, the sound of waves lapping below, and the fresh sea air on your face.

Cliff Camping in North Wales. Image from Gaia Adventures

The portaledge is securely attached 3 metres below the top of the cliff with solid climbing equipment. Participants can either climb down or abseil onto it.

You will always be tied in with a rope, even when you are asleep, so it is a very safe adventure, even if it does look a bit daunting!

You do not need to be a professional climber or extremely athletic. The site says as long as you have a reasonable level of fitness and a thirst for adventure, you will be fine. Qualified and professional staff will be on hand through the night to look after you at every step.

Why you’ll love it… Sipping a steamy mug of tea, perched above the Irish Sea, as you watch the pastel colours of the sunset change, and listening to the reassuring rhythm of the waves lapping below is pretty sensational!

The whole Cliff Camping experience will cost two people £480, and bookings are available from May to September. Visit the website for more information.

Other opportunities from Gaia Adventures include the Climbing Academy and Afternoon on the Edge. More details on these adventures can be found here.

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Ashleigh Ridler