BookBar, the brand new bookshop and wine bar.

Opening in Islington, London. BookBar is a new independent book service which aims to bring people together through books. 

This fresh new social space combines bookshop with a wine bar to create a warm and welcoming space for readers and aspiring book-lovers to come together and enjoy a glass of their favourite wine.

BookBar was created by bookseller Chrissy Ryan to make books accessible, fun and social, and has been operating online via her Shelf Medicate service since June.

Through The Shelf Medicate Prescription Service readers can select a bundle of prescribed titles based on a theme, which will then be selected and delivered to their door. Prescriptions are put together to cure any literary ailment and include the Commute Buster (unputdownable page-turners), the Big Thinker (the best current non-fiction), and our personal favourite here at Great Group Trips, the Armchair Traveller (books that have a strong sense of location).

“BookBar is a fun, warm, welcoming space for people to discover and socialise around books. It’s a place to come and hang out, like your favourite wine bar or your kitchen table. It’s never about how many books you’ve read that year or whether you’ve read the latest prize-winners.”

Chrissy Ryan, Founder of BookBar.

The shop is spread across two floors, with a ‘wine cellar’, designed to host book club meetings and perfect for your next group event. Bookshelves lining the walls are stocked with a selection of specially recommended books and tantalising wines, and tables and chairs are interspersed throughout the space for customers to relax, read, drink and chat. 

“BookBar aims to make books inviting and accessible,” says Ryan. “Reading is an emotive thing. It’s about connection; people read to feel something, to learn about other people or parts of the world, or to enjoy meeting new characters. BookBar is about bringing people together through books, about taking away the intimidation around reading, and making it as fun as binging the latest Netflix series and gossiping about it with your friends. By creating a fully integrated bookshop and wine bar, we plan to connect our customers with books and with one another. The physical space will replicate the feeling of connection that reading a book gives us.” 

Due to lockdown restrictions, BookBar is operating a click and collect service via its website and Instagram. But will be opening until 10:30 pm once the restrictions are lifted. When government restrictions allow, BookBar will launch a series of author events, wine tastings, supper clubs and book clubs. 

For more information and more details on the social space and other details, visit the BookBar website or contact the team at

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Ashleigh Ridler