Great Group Trips is a blog about travel for groups of any age or size. It’s a strand of Group Travel Organiser magazine. Great Group Trips aims to reach people who’ve never been on a group trip as well as those who have and those who enjoy group trips regularly.

It’s edited and written by Ashleigh Ridler who recently joined the team, with huge contributions from the Group Travel Organiser team including Al Barker, Val Baynton, Peter Stonham, Abbe Bates and Stuart Render. Images are also from the team. Our background is in publishing specialist information about group travel in magazines and on websites.

Anyone can be a group trip organiser, you don’t need any training, you just need to be organised. Group trips are fun and almost always cheaper than going somewhere with your family or a partner. Try one out!

If you’d like to organise a trip, whether it’s for work colleagues, friends, a society or a group you participate in, you can find lots of ideas here and at the Group Travel Organiser website.


Ashleigh Ridler, Al Barker, Peter Stonham, Val Baynton, Abbe Bates.

Ashleigh loves big group trips, experiencing new things around the world with new people. She enjoys visiting historical landmarks and destinations, as well as short breaks in big cities. She edits this blog.

Al loves group trips where somebody else is in charge. He also likes organising London trips for groups of influencers.

Peter is most interested in the unusual, the unrepeatable and uncovering the less well-known. He founded Group Travel Organiser magazine and believes that sharing an experience is something special.

Val is a specialist writer on tourism and culture. She especially enjoys industrial and heritage trips including ceramics, art, historical buildings and landscapes.

Abbe specialises in family trips and wildlife experiences, as well as destination pieces. She has over 15 years experience writing about group travel!